Cam Ann Evans (they/them)

I got my start into photography when I was in high school and going into college. I photograph many subjects in between those times, but in my heart, I still felt lost into what I really wanted to do with photography until early 2017 I decided to take my camera to a local punk show and photograph said show. This was the point in my life where I knew I wanted to photograph concerts. Since then, I have photographed many DIY bands within the Sacramento and Bay Area music scene and my work has been featured in music magazines and blogs like Sacramento News And Review, Maximum RocknrollĀ 
and New Noise Magazine. I also release my own photo magazines Sacramento Is Burning: Photographs of Sacramento's Punk Scene and Girls Burn Boys: A Photo Magazine. An influence for my work is from the classic documentary trilogy The Decline of Western Civilization that made me think more about everyone involved within my local music scene. My journey as a concert photographer is a fulfilling one, with wonder and interest with each show by putting myself out in the world more and more.
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